Order a Custom Portrait
In the Style of Your Favorite Comic Strip, Animation or Children’s Book Illustrator

4 easy steps—no payment necessary until you see your artwork.

  • Fill out the contact form below.
  • You’ll receive a follow-up email asking for reference photos of you (or your kids or pets) and the style or artist you’re requesting.
  • Once the piece is done (turnaround is usually within a week or two) I’ll send you a picture of it and a PayPal link.
  • Once you make payment (Pay What you Wish, $30-$200) I’ll send you the original art in the mail!


Request Your Illustrated Portrait

Fine print:

  • I’m up for trying any style you want to throw at me! I’m a pretty solid artistic mimic. Worst case scenario the final product is underwhelming and you don’t follow through on the order (or pay the minimum $30 if you’re feeling generous).
  • Each piece will be fully inked and colored (or otherwise finished) to match the requested style (unlike some of the example pieces that are done in pencil). 
  • Orders should take less than a week or two to complete. If things get busy, I’ll let you know in the initial email what you can expect. 
  • Shipping is USPS, standard cardboard-backed envelope. 
  • The size of the piece is something you can customize, but generally, it’s a quarter-page to full page. Paper quality is either heavy art paper or bristol board. 
  • I can do rush jobs, but please consider paying MORE than what you wish in that case.
  • Let me know if you have any other questions!