Andy Crouch fell in love with improv in 2001 because it was scary and cool and seemed like it might change his life forever. Now he spends all of his time sharing the secrets of improvisation with other people looking for that same thing.

Andy is…

…an improv trainer and facilitator with dozens of high-performing companies across Texas.
…an improv speaker delivering keynote addresses and lecture-style demonstrations to companies and groups all over the country.
…an improv comedian, performer and host with hundreds of shows under his belt.
…an improv instructor logging thousands of hours teaching improvisation to all ages and levels of experience.
…an improv administrator as the director of education and professional development at the Hideout Theatre.
…an improv director of the Hideout Theatre’s Big BashFakespeare, Fandom, and the award winning Live Nude Improv.

What’s Andy Up To Lately?

Hey everybody! It’s been a fast-paced couple years. In the fall of 2014 my daughter was born, and that has been the biggest improv adventure of all time. If improv is about risk and vulnerability and being genuinely present, this baby is the ultimate object lesson.

Around the same time that Kaya was born, I did a talk with Creative Mornings Austin that kicked off a surprising string of improv speaking gigs. Between that and co-organizing the 2014 Applied Improvisation World Conference, corporate improv (training, team building and keynote speaking) has gone from being a minor part of my improv practice to the main thing that I’m spending my time and energy on right now.

Recent clients include Whole Foods, National Instruments, the American Marketing Association, Deloitte, Facebook, Dell, Gartner, BCG and many more.

And using the new skills from these experiences I’m working on a top secret project. More details soon!